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  2. 2019
  3. cast=Laura Vandervoort
  4. Countries=Canada
  5. Horror
  6. Synopsis=The quiet Rose works in women's fashion clothing, hoping to be a designer. A traffic accident damages her face. She gets experimental stem cell treatment, leaving her stronger and prettier than ever - but there's a side effect

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Besnilo pekic lektira. This'll be him... I DIED. 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀. Besnilo engleski. Rabid Teaser poster Directed by Jen Soska Sylvia Soska Produced by Michael Walker Paul LaLonde John Vidette Written by Jen Soska Sylvia Soska John Serge Based on Rabid by David Cronenberg Starring Laura Vandervoort Ben Hollingsworth Phil Brooks Music by Claude Foisy Cinematography Kim Derko Edited by Erin Deck Production company Back 40 Pictures Telefilm Canada Ontario Media Development Corporation Distributed by A71 Entertainment Shout! Studios Release date August 26, 2019 ( FrightFest) Running time 110 minutes [1] Country Canada Language English Rabid is a 2019 Canadian horror film directed and co-written by Jen and Sylvia Soska and starring Laura Vandervoort, Ben Hollingsworth, and Phil Brooks. It is a remake of the 1977 film of the same name directed by David Cronenberg. Rabid premiered at the London FrightFest Film Festival on August 26, 2019. Plot [ edit] After a young woman, Rose, suffers a disfiguring accident, she undergoes an experimental stem-cell treatment that leads to unintended consequences. [2] [3] Cast [ edit] Laura Vandervoort as Rose [4] Ben Hollingsworth as Brad, a fashion photographer [5] Ted Atherton as Dr. William Burroughs Stephen Huszar as Dominic [6] Phil Brooks as Billy [5] Greg Bryk [1] Stephen McHattie [1] Hanneke Talbot as Chelsea, Rose's best friend [5] Mackenzie Gray as Gunter, a fashion designer [5] AJ Mendez as Kira [5] Production [ edit] In February 2016, Jen and Sylvia Soska were hired to direct a remake of David Cronenberg 's 1977 horror film Rabid, with producers Michael Walker, Paul LaLonde and John Vidette. [7] The film had entered pre-production by February 2018, during which time the Soskas described the project as a continuation of the "thoughts and conversation" from the original and "modernized through a female perspective". [8] In May 2018, Laura Vandervoort was cast as the film's protagonist, Rose. [4] Principal photography began in July 2018 in Toronto. [3] The film is being produced by Back 40 Pictures in conjunction with Telefilm Canada and Ontario Media Development Corporation, and is financed by Media Finance Capital. [4] Distribution rights were acquired by A71 Entertainment in Canada, [2] Shout! Studios in the United States, [9] and 101 Films in the United Kingdom. [4] Release [ edit] Rabid premiered at the London FrightFest Film Festival on August 26, 2019. [1] [10] "Rabid" held its US premiere on October 15, 2019 at Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles. [11] The film will open in select theaters, digitally and On Demand on December 13, 2019 from Shout! Studios. [12] Reception [ edit] On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 59% based on reviews from 22 critics. [13] References [ edit] ^ a b c d "Rabid". London FrightFest Film Festival. Retrieved July 4, 2019. ^ a b Vlessing, Etan (November 5, 2017). "AFM: A71 Takes Soska Sisters' Remake of David Cronenberg's 'Rabid' for Canada". The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ a b Vlessing, Etan (July 17, 2018). " ' Code Black' Star Boards Remake of David Cronenberg's 'Rabid ' ". Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ a b c d White, Peter (May 11, 2018). " ' Supergirl' & 'Jigsaw' Star Laura Vandervoort Joins Reboot of David Cronenberg's Horror Classic 'Rabid' – Cannes". Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ a b c d e Pollard, Andrew (July 18, 2018). "Shooting Now Under Way on the Soska Sisters' Rabid Remake". Starburst. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ " ' Rabid' Trailer: The Soska Sisters Unleash Cronenberg Remake". Deadline. October 10, 2019. ^ McNary, Dave (February 25, 2016). "Soska Sisters to Direct Remake of David Cronenberg's 'Rabid' (Exclusive)". Variety. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ Erbland, Kate (February 15, 2018). "David Cronenberg's 'Rabid' Remake: Soska Sisters Ready Their 'Continuation' of Body Horror Classic With 'Female Perspective ' ". IndieWire. Penske Business Media, LLC. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ Vlessing, Etan (February 14, 2018). "Berlin: Shout! Studios Takes Soska Sisters' Remake of David Cronenberg's 'Rabid' for U. S. " The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved July 18, 2018. ^ Wiseman, Andreas (July 4, 2019). "FrightFest Lineup: Guillermo Del Toro's 'Scary Stories' & Sam Raimi's 'Crawl' Among UK Genre Showcase". Retrieved July 4, 2019. ^ "Ahead of Screamfest, Check Out this Ravenous New Trailer for RABID". Dreadcentral. October 14, 2019. ^ "Rabid Trailer #2: Cronenberg Classic Gets a Gross & Disturbing Remake". MovieWeb. October 17, 2019. ^ "Rabid (2019)". Rotten Tomatoes. External links [ edit] Rabid on IMDb.

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Besnilo prepricano. Besnilo pasa. Besnilo kod pasa simptomi. Besnilo roman. Rabies A dog with rabies in the paralytic (post-furious) stage Specialty Infectious disease Symptoms Fever, fear of water, confusion, excessive salivation, hallucinations, trouble sleeping, paralysis, coma [1] [2] Causes Rabies virus, Australian bat lyssavirus [3] Prevention Rabies vaccine, animal control, rabies immunoglobulin [1] Prognosis Nearly always death [1] Deaths 17, 400 (2015) [4] Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in humans and other mammals. [1] Early symptoms can include fever and tingling at the site of exposure. [1] These symptoms are followed by one or more of the following symptoms: violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, fear of water, an inability to move parts of the body, confusion, and loss of consciousness. [1] Once symptoms appear, the result is nearly always death. [1] The time period between contracting the disease and the start of symptoms is usually one to three months, but can vary from less than one week to more than one year. [1] The time depends on the distance the virus must travel along peripheral nerves to reach the central nervous system. [5] Rabies is caused by lyssaviruses, including the rabies virus and Australian bat lyssavirus. [3] It is spread when an infected animal bites or scratches a human or other animal. [1] Saliva from an infected animal can also transmit rabies if the saliva comes into contact with the eyes, mouth, or nose. [1] Globally, dogs are the most common animal involved. [1] In countries where dogs commonly have the disease, more than 99% of rabies cases are the direct result of dog bites. [6] In the Americas, bat bites are the most common source of rabies infections in humans, and less than 5% of cases are from dogs. [1] [6] Rodents are very rarely infected with rabies. [6] The disease can be diagnosed only after the start of symptoms. [1] Animal control and vaccination programs have decreased the risk of rabies from dogs in a number of regions of the world. [1] Immunizing people before they are exposed is recommended for those at high risk, including those who work with bats or who spend prolonged periods in areas of the world where rabies is common. [1] In people who have been exposed to rabies, the rabies vaccine and sometimes rabies immunoglobulin are effective in preventing the disease if the person receives the treatment before the start of rabies symptoms. [1] Washing bites and scratches for 15 minutes with soap and water, povidone-iodine, or detergent may reduce the number of viral particles and may be somewhat effective at preventing transmission. [1] [7] As of 2016, only fourteen people had survived a rabies infection after showing symptoms. [8] [9] [10] Rabies caused about 17, 400 human deaths worldwide in 2015. [4] More than 95% of human deaths from rabies occur in Africa and Asia. [1] About 40% of deaths occur in children under the age of 15. [11] Rabies is present in more than 150 countries and on all continents but Antarctica. [1] More than 3 billion people live in regions of the world where rabies occurs. [1] A number of countries, including Australia and Japan, as well as much of Western Europe, do not have rabies among dogs. [12] [13] Many Pacific islands do not have rabies at all. [13] It is classified as a neglected tropical disease. [14] Signs and symptoms The period between infection and the first symptoms (incubation period) is typically 1–3 months in humans. [15] This period may be as short as four days or longer than six years, depending on the location and severity of the wound and the amount of virus introduced. [15] Initial symptoms of rabies are often nonspecific such as fever and headache. [15] As rabies progresses and causes inflammation of the brain and meninges, symptoms can include slight or partial paralysis, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, and hallucinations. [5] [15] The person may also have fear of water. [1] The symptoms eventually progress to delirium, and coma. [5] [15] Death usually occurs 2 to 10 days after first symptoms. Survival is almost unknown once symptoms have presented, even with intensive care. [15] [16] Fear of water Hydrophobia ("fear of water") is the historic name for rabies. [17] It refers to a set of symptoms in the later stages of an infection in which the person has difficulty swallowing, shows panic when presented with liquids to drink, and cannot quench their thirst. Any mammal infected with the virus may demonstrate hydrophobia. [18] Saliva production is greatly increased, and attempts to drink, or even the intention or suggestion of drinking, may cause excruciatingly painful spasms of the muscles in the throat and larynx. This can be attributed to the fact that the virus multiplies and assimilates in the salivary glands of the infected animal with the effect of further transmission through biting. The ability to transmit the virus would decrease significantly if the infected individual could swallow saliva and water. [19] Hydrophobia is commonly associated with furious rabies, which affects 80% of rabies-infected people. The remaining 20% may experience a paralytic form of rabies that is marked by muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and paralysis; this form of rabies does not usually cause fear of water. [18] Cause Drawing of the rabies virus. Rabies is caused by a number of lyssaviruses including the rabies virus and Australian bat lyssavirus. [3] Duvenhage lyssavirus may cause a rabies-like infection. [20] The rabies virus is the type species of the Lyssavirus genus, in the family Rhabdoviridae, order Mononegavirales. Lyssavirions have helical symmetry, with a length of about 180  nm and a cross-section of about 75 nm. [21] These virions are enveloped and have a single-stranded RNA genome with negative sense. The genetic information is packed as a ribonucleoprotein complex in which RNA is tightly bound by the viral nucleoprotein. The RNA genome of the virus encodes five genes whose order is highly conserved: nucleoprotein (N), phosphoprotein (P), matrix protein (M), glycoprotein (G), and the viral RNA polymerase (L). [22] Once within a muscle or nerve cell, the virus undergoes replication. The trimeric spikes on the exterior of the membrane of the virus interact with a specific cell receptor, the most likely one being the acetylcholine receptor. The cellular membrane pinches in a procession known as pinocytosis and allows entry of the virus into the cell by way of an endosome. The virus then uses the acidic environment, which is necessary, of that endosome and binds to its membrane simultaneously, releasing its five proteins and single strand RNA into the cytoplasm. [23] The L protein then transcribes five mRNA strands and a positive strand of RNA all from the original negative strand RNA using free nucleotides in the cytoplasm. These five mRNA strands are then translated into their corresponding proteins (P, L, N, G and M proteins) at free ribosomes in the cytoplasm. Some proteins require post-translative modifications. For example, the G protein travels through the rough endoplasmic reticulum, where it undergoes further folding, and is then transported to the Golgi apparatus, where a sugar group is added to it ( glycosylation). [23] When there are enough viral proteins, the viral polymerase will begin to synthesize new negative strands of RNA from the template of the positive strand RNA. These negative strands will then form complexes with the N, P, L and M proteins and then travel to the inner membrane of the cell, where a G protein has embedded itself in the membrane. The G protein then coils around the N-P-L-M complex of proteins taking some of the host cell membrane with it, which will form the new outer envelope of the virus particle. The virus then buds from the cell. [23] From the point of entry, the virus is neurotropic, traveling along the neural pathways into the central nervous system. The virus usually first infects muscle cells close to the site of infection, where they are able to replicate without being 'noticed' by the host's immune system. Once enough virus has been replicated, they begin to bind to acetylcholine receptors at the neuromuscular junction. [24] The virus then travels through the nerve cell axon via retrograde transport, as its P protein interacts with dynein, a protein present in the cytoplasm of nerve cells. Once the virus reaches the cell body it travels rapidly to the central nervous system (CNS), replicating in motor neurons and eventually reaching the brain. [5] After the brain is infected, the virus travels centrifugally to the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, eventually migrating to the salivary glands, where it is ready to be transmitted to the next host. [25]: 317 Transmission All warm-blooded species, including humans, may become infected with the rabies virus and develop symptoms. Birds were first artificially infected with rabies in 1884; however, infected birds are largely, if not wholly, asymptomatic, and recover. [26] Other bird species have been known to develop rabies antibodies, a sign of infection, after feeding on rabies-infected mammals. [27] [28] The virus has also adapted to grow in cells of cold-blooded vertebrates. [29] [30] Most animals can be infected by the virus and can transmit the disease to humans. Infected bats, [31] [32] monkeys, raccoons, foxes, skunks, cattle, wolves, coyotes, dogs, cats, and mongooses (normally either the small Asian mongoose or the yellow mongoose) [33] present the greatest risk to humans. Rabies may also spread through exposure to infected bears, domestic farm animals, groundhogs, weasels, and other wild carnivorans. However, lagomorphs, such as hares and rabbits, and small rodents such as chipmunks, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, and squirrels, are almost never found to be infected with rabies and are not known to transmit rabies to humans. [34] Bites from mice, rats, or squirrels rarely require rabies prevention because these rodents are typically killed by any encounter with a larger, rabid animal, and would, therefore, not be carriers. [35] The Virginia opossum is resistant but not immune to rabies. [36] The virus is usually present in the nerves and saliva of a symptomatic rabid animal. [37] [38] The route of infection is usually, but not always, by a bite. In many cases, the infected animal is exceptionally aggressive, may attack without provocation, and exhibits otherwise uncharacteristic behavior. [39] This is an example of a viral pathogen modifying the behavior of its host to facilitate its transmission to other hosts. Transmission between humans is extremely rare. A few cases have been recorded through transplant surgery. [40] The only well-documented cases of rabies caused by human-to-human transmission occurred among eight recipients of transplanted corneas and among three recipients of solid organs. [41] In addition to transmission from cornea and organ transplants, bite and non-bite exposures inflicted by infected humans could theoretically transmit rabies, but no such cases have been documented, since infected humans are usually hospitalized and necessary precautions taken. Casual contact, such as touching a person with rabies or contact with non-infectious fluid or tissue (urine, blood, feces) does not constitute an exposure and does not require post-exposure prophylaxis. Additionally, as the virus is present in sperm or vaginal secretions, spread through sex may be possible. [42] After a typical human infection by bite, the virus enters the peripheral nervous system. It then travels along the afferent nerves toward the central nervous system. [43] During this phase, the virus cannot be easily detected within the host, and vaccination may still confer cell-mediated immunity to prevent symptomatic rabies. When the virus reaches the brain, it rapidly causes encephalitis, the prodromal phase, which is the beginning of the symptoms. Once the patient becomes symptomatic, treatment is almost never effective and mortality is over 99%. Rabies may also inflame the spinal cord, producing transverse myelitis. [44] [45] Diagnosis Rabies can be difficult to diagnose because, in the early stages, it is easily confused with other diseases or with aggressiveness. [46] The reference method for diagnosing rabies is the fluorescent antibody test (FAT), an immunohistochemistry procedure, which is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). [47] The FAT relies on the ability of a detector molecule (usually fluorescein isothiocyanate) coupled with a rabies-specific antibody, forming a conjugate, to bind to and allow the visualisation of rabies antigen using fluorescent microscopy techniques. Microscopic analysis of samples is the only direct method that allows for the identification of rabies virus-specific antigen in a short time and at a reduced cost, irrespective of geographical origin and status of the host. It has to be regarded as the first step in diagnostic procedures for all laboratories. Autolysed samples can, however, reduce the sensitivity and specificity of the FAT. [48] The RT PCR assays proved to be a sensitive and specific tool for routine diagnostic purposes, [49] particularly in decomposed samples [50] or archival specimens. [51] The diagnosis can be reliably made from brain samples taken after death. The diagnosis can also be made from saliva, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid samples, but this is not as sensitive or reliable as brain samples. [48] Cerebral inclusion bodies called Negri bodies are 100% diagnostic for rabies infection but are found in only about 80% of cases. [21] If possible, the animal from which the bite was received should also be examined for rabies. [52] Some light microscopy techniques may also be used to diagnose rabies at a tenth of the cost of traditional fluorescence microscopy techniques, allowing identification of the disease in less-developed countries. [53] A test for rabies, known as LN34, is easier to run on a dead animal's brain and might help determine who does and does not need post-exposure prevention. [54] The test was developed by the CDC in 2018. [54] Differential diagnosis The differential diagnosis in a case of suspected human rabies may initially include any cause of encephalitis, in particular infection with viruses such as herpesviruses, enteroviruses, and arboviruses such as West Nile virus. The most important viruses to rule out are herpes simplex virus type one, varicella zoster virus, and (less commonly) enteroviruses, including coxsackieviruses, echoviruses, polioviruses, and human enteroviruses 68 to 71. [55] New causes of viral encephalitis are also possible, as was evidenced by the 1999 outbreak in Malaysia of 300 cases of encephalitis with a mortality rate of 40% caused by Nipah virus, a newly recognized paramyxovirus. [56] Likewise, well-known viruses may be introduced into new locales, as is illustrated by the outbreak of encephalitis due to West Nile virus in the eastern United States. [57] Epidemiologic factors, such as season, geographic location, and the patient's age, travel history, and possible exposure to bites, rodents, and ticks, may help direct the diagnosis. Prevention Almost all human cases of rabies were fatal until a vaccine was developed in 1885 by Louis Pasteur and Émile Roux. Their original vaccine was harvested from infected rabbits, from which the virus in the nerve tissue was weakened by allowing it to dry for five to ten days. [58] Similar nerve tissue-derived vaccines are still used in some countries, as they are much cheaper than modern cell culture vaccines. [59] The human diploid cell rabies vaccine was started in 1967. Less expensive purified chicken embryo cell vaccine and purified vero cell rabies vaccine are now available. [52] A recombinant vaccine called V-RG has been used in Belgium, France, Germany, and the United States to prevent outbreaks of rabies in undomesticated animals. [60] Immunization before exposure has been used in both human and nonhuman populations, where, as in many jurisdictions, domesticated animals are required to be vaccinated. [61] The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Communicable Disease Surveillance 2007 Annual Report states the following can help reduce the risk of contracting rabies: [62] Vaccinating dogs, cats, and ferrets against rabies Keeping pets under supervision Not handling wild animals or strays Contacting an animal control officer upon observing a wild animal or a stray, especially if the animal is acting strangely If bitten by an animal, washing the wound with soap and water for 10 to 15 minutes and contacting a healthcare provider to determine if post-exposure prophylaxis is required 28 September is World Rabies Day, which promotes the information, prevention, and elimination of the disease. [63] Vaccinating other animals In Asia and in parts of the Americas and Africa, dogs remain the principal host. Mandatory vaccination of animals is less effective in rural areas. Especially in developing countries, pets may not be privately kept and their destruction may be unacceptable. Oral vaccines can be safely distributed in baits, a practice that has successfully reduced rabies in rural areas of Canada, France, and the United States. In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, baits are successfully used on raccoons in the Mount-Royal Park area. Vaccination campaigns may be expensive, and cost-benefit analysis suggests baits may be a cost-effective method of control. [64] In Ontario, a dramatic drop in rabies was recorded when an aerial bait-vaccination campaign was launched. [65] The number of recorded human deaths from rabies in the United States has dropped from 100 or more annually in the early 20th century to one or two per year due to widespread vaccination of domestic dogs and cats and the development of human vaccines and immunoglobulin treatments. Most deaths now result from bat bites, which may go unnoticed by the victim and hence untreated. [66] Treatment After exposure Treatment after exposure can prevent the disease if given within 10 days. The rabies vaccine is 100% effective if given early, and still has a chance of success if delivery is delayed. [21] [23] [67] Every year, more than 15 million people get vaccination after potential exposure. While this works well, the cost is significant. [68] In the US it is recommended people receive one dose of human rabies immunoglobulin (HRIG) and four doses of rabies vaccine over a 14-day period. [69] HRIG is expensive and makes up most of the cost of post exposure treatment, ranging as high as several thousand dollars. [70] As much as possible of this dose should be injected around the bites, with the remainder being given by deep intramuscular injection at a site distant from the vaccination site. [23] People who have previously been vaccinated against rabies do not need to receive the immunoglobulin, only the postexposure vaccinations on days 0 and 3. [71] The side effects of modern cell-based vaccines are similar to flu shots. The old nerve-tissue-based vaccinations required multiple injections into the abdomen with a large needle but is inexpensive. [52] It is being phased out and replaced by affordable World Health Organization intradermal-vaccination regimens. [52] Intramuscular vaccination should be given into the deltoid, not the gluteal area, which has been associated with vaccination failure due to injection into fat rather than muscle. In children less than a year old, the lateral thigh is recommended. [72] Thoroughly washing the wound as soon as possible with soap and water for approximately five minutes is effective in reducing the number of viral particles. [73] Povidone-iodine or alcohol is then recommended to reduce the virus further. [74] Awakening to find a bat in the room, or finding a bat in the room of a previously unattended child or mentally disabled or intoxicated person, is an indication for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). The recommendation for the precautionary use of PEP in bat encounters where no contact is recognized has been questioned in the medical literature, based on a cost–benefit analysis. [75] However, a 2002 study has supported the protocol of precautionary administering of PEP where a child or mentally compromised individual has been alone with a bat, especially in sleep areas, where a bite or exposure may occur with the victim being unaware. [76] After onset A treatment known as the Milwaukee protocol, which involves putting a person into a chemically induced coma and using antiviral medications, has been proposed but subsequently found not to be useful. [77] It initially came into use in 2003, following Jeanna Giese, a teenager from Wisconsin, becoming the first person known to have survived rabies without preventive treatments before symptom onset. [78] [79] She, however, already had antibodies against rabies when she initially arrived at hospital. [77] While this treatment has been tried multiple times more, there have been no further cases of survival. [77] The protocol has since been assessed as an ineffective treatment with concerns related to the costs and ethics of its use. [77] [80] Prognosis Vaccination after exposure, PEP, is highly successful in preventing the disease PEP against rabies. [67] In unvaccinated humans, rabies is almost always fatal after neurological symptoms have developed. [81] Epidemiology Deaths from rabies per million persons in 2012    0    1    2–4    5–9    10–17    18–69 Map of rabies-free countries and territories In 2010, an estimated 26, 000 people died from rabies, down from 54, 000 in 1990. [82] The majority of the deaths occurred in Asia and Africa. [81] As of 2015, India, followed by China (approximately 6, 000), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (5, 600) had the most cases. [83] A 2015 collaboration between the World Health Organization, World Organization of Animal Health (OIE), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO), and Global Alliance for Rabies Control has a goal of eliminating deaths from rabies by 2030. [84] India India has the highest rate of human rabies in the world, primarily because of stray dogs, [85] whose number has greatly increased since a 2001 law forbade the killing of dogs. [86] Effective control and treatment of rabies in India is hindered by a form of mass hysteria known as puppy pregnancy syndrome (PPS). Dog bite victims with PPS, male as well as female, become convinced that puppies are growing inside them, and often seek help from faith healers rather than medical services. [87] An estimated 20, 000 people die every year from rabies in India, more than a third of the global total. [86] Australia The rabies virus survives in widespread, varied, rural animal reservoirs. Despite Australia's official rabies-free status, [88] Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV), discovered in 1996, is a strain of rabies prevalent in native bat populations. There have been three human cases of ABLV in Australia, all of them fatal. United States Rabies cases in humans and domestic animals — United States, 1938–2018 From 1960 to 2018, a total of 125 human rabies cases were reported in the United States; 36 (28%) were attributed to dog bites during international travel. [89] Among the 89 infections acquired in the United States, 62 (70%) were attributed to bats. [89] While canine-specific rabies does not circulate among dogs, about a hundred dogs become infected from other wildlife per year in the US. [90] [91] Rabies is common among wild animals in the United States. Bats, raccoons, skunks and foxes account for almost all reported cases (98% in 2009). Rabid bats are found in all 48 contiguous states. Other reservoirs are more limited geographically; for example, the raccoon rabies virus variant is only found in a relatively narrow band along the East Coast. Due to a high public awareness of the virus, efforts at vaccination of domestic animals and curtailment of feral populations, and availability of postexposure prophylaxis, incidence of rabies in humans is very rare. A total of 49 cases of the disease was reported in the country between 1995 and 2011; of these, 11 are thought to have been acquired abroad. Almost all domestically acquired cases are attributed to bat bites. [92] Europe Either no or very few cases of rabies are reported each year in Europe; cases are contracted both during travel and in Europe. [93] In Switzerland the disease was virtually eliminated after scientists placed chicken heads laced with live attenuated vaccine in the Swiss Alps. [65] The foxes of Switzerland, proven to be the main source of rabies in the country, ate the chicken heads and immunized themselves. [65] [94] Italy, after being declared rabies-free from 1997 to 2008, has witnessed a reemergence of the disease in wild animals in the Triveneto regions ( Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia), due to the spreading of an epidemic in the Balkans that also affected Austria. An extensive wild animal vaccination campaign eliminated the virus from Italy again, and it regained the rabies-free country status in 2013, the last reported case of rabies being reported in a red fox in early 2011. [95] [96] Great Britain has been free of rabies since the beginning of the twentieth century except for a rabies-like virus in a few Daubenton's bats; there has been one, fatal, case of transmission to a human. There have been four deaths from rabies, transmitted abroad by dog bite, since 2000. The last infection in the UK occurred in 1922, and the last death from indigenous rabies was in 1902. [97] [98] Unlike the other countries of Europe it is protected by being an island, and by strict quarantine procedures. Mexico Mexico was certified by the World Health Organization as free of dog-transmitted rabies in 2019, since no case of dog-human transmission has been recorded in two years. [99] History Rabies has been known since around 2000 BC. [100] The first written record of rabies is in the Mesopotamian Codex of Eshnunna (circa 1930 BC), which dictates that the owner of a dog showing symptoms of rabies should take preventive measure against bites. If another person were bitten by a rabid dog and later died, the owner was heavily fined. [101] Ineffective folk remedies abounded in the medical literature of the ancient world. The physician Scribonius Largus prescribed a poultice of cloth and hyena skin; Antaeus recommended a preparation made from the skull of a hanged man. [102] Rabies appears to have originated in the Old World, the first epizootic in the New World occurring in Boston in 1768. [103] It spread from there, over the next few years, to various other states, as well as to the French West Indies, eventually becoming common all across North America. Rabies was considered a scourge for its prevalence in the 19th century. In France and Belgium, where Saint Hubert was venerated, the " St Hubert's Key " was heated and applied to cauterize the wound. By an application of magical thinking, dogs were branded with the key in hopes of protecting them from rabies. The fear of rabies was almost irrational, due to the number of vectors (mostly rabid dogs) and the absence of any efficacious treatment. It was not uncommon for a person bitten by a dog merely suspected of being rabid to commit suicide or to be killed by others. [104] In ancient times the attachment of the tongue (the lingual frenulum, a mucous membrane) was cut and removed as this was where rabies was thought to originate. This practice ceased with the discovery of the actual cause of rabies. [25] Louis Pasteur's 1885 nerve tissue vaccine was successful, and was progressively improved to reduce often severe side-effects. [15] In modern times, the fear of rabies has not diminished, and the disease and its symptoms, particularly agitation, have served as an inspiration for several works of zombie or similarly-themed fiction, often portraying rabies as having mutated into a stronger virus which fills humans with murderous rage or incurable illness, bringing about a devastating, widespread pandemic. [105] Etymology The term is derived from the Latin rabies, "madness". [106] This, in turn, may be related to the Sanskrit rabhas, "to rage". [107] The Greeks derived the word lyssa, from lud or "violent"; this root is used in the genus name of the rabies virus, Lyssavirus. [104] Other animals Rabies is infectious to mammals; three stages of central nervous system infection are recognized. The first stage is a one- to three-day period characterized by behavioral changes and is known as the prodromal stage. The second is the excitative stage, which lasts three to four days. This stage is often known as "furious rabies" for the tendency of the affected animal to be hyper-reactive to external stimuli and bite at anything near. The third is the paralytic stage and is caused by damage to motor neurons. Incoordination is seen, owing to rear limb paralysis, and drooling and difficulty swallowing is caused by paralysis of facial and throat muscles. Death is usually caused by respiratory arrest. [108] Research The outer shell of the rabies virus, stripped of its RNA contents and thus unable to cause disease, may be used as a vector for the delivery of unrelated genetic material in a research setting. It has the advantage over other pseudotyping methods for gene delivery that the cell targeting ( tissue tropism) is more specific for the central nervous system, a difficult-to-reach site, obviating the need for invasive delivery methods. It is also capable of infecting neighboring "upstream" cells, moving from one cell to axons of the next at synapses, and is thus used for retrograde tracing in neuronal circuits. [109] Evidence indicates artificially increasing the permeability of the blood–brain barrier, which normally does not allow most immune cells across, promotes viral clearance. [110] [111] See also Global Alliance for Rabies Control Rabies in Haiti Rabies in popular culture World Rabies Day References ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u "Rabies Fact Sheet N°99". World Health Organization. July 2013. Archived from the original on 1 April 2014. Retrieved 28 February 2014. ^ "Rabies - Symptoms and causes". Mayo Clinic. Retrieved 9 April 2018. ^ a b c "Rabies, Australian bat lyssavirus and other lyssaviruses". The Department of Health. December 2013. Archived from the original on 4 March 2014. Retrieved 1 March 2014. ^ a b Wang H, Naghavi M, Allen C, Barber RM, Bhutta ZA, Carter A, et al. 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These robots are expected to have the ability of keeping possessions or property secure for their owners if the experimental phase is successful. While such capabilities might not happen at a commercial level in the near future, scientists believe that it is extremely important to teach robots about ownership-related etiquette considering the fact there will be more machines working closely with humans in their spaces. Creating an online store is only a part of the equation. A new online shop is empty. Consumers are usually not yet familiar with your shop or the kind of products you are selling. For this reason, you will need to put some efforts towards promoting the store. To get regular customers, you must come with strategies that will work for your ecommerce store. Here are some of the ways in which you can promote your online store. Starting A Blog One of the best ways to promote your online store is to start a blog. 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Collaborating with Other Bloggers Another way of promoting your online store is contacting other bloggers and having them publish content about your shop on their blogs. Do a research on the market where your products fit in. Then, reach out to bloggers with the largest following and who write about products related to your industry. Tell them why you love their blogs and explain why you feel your product would be a great fit for a review on their blog. Provide them with samples of your products for free and give away for their audience. This will attract traffic from the readers through their review of the product. Advertising on social media Social media advertising offers a great platform to advertise your business and products. Building a network and followers in social media may take a long time, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube allow businesses to interact directly with customers. Your online shop can benefit from this interaction by providing product information to customers. It is also a great way of getting feedback from customers, and finding out what works best in your niche. Providing offers on a regular basis Providing offers on a regular basis can attract new customers while retaining existing ones. Offers can be in the form of discounts, coupons, sales packages, giveaways and contests. It can also be a great way of driving web traffic to ecommerce website. Customers are more likely to recommend your store to their friends and family during sale period. Guest blogging on other websites Guest blogging increases the exposure of your e-commerce to a wider audience. Writing quality blogs is time consuming. The stakes are even higher when writing for another blog. You want to make sure that your posts are getting enough traffic. High-quality posts will increase traffic to your website leading to more sales. Optimizing product names and descriptions Product name and descriptions can enhance online presence of your e-commerce store. Be creative, straightforward and come up with unique product names and descriptions, so that customers can find them easily. Use keywords in your descriptions to describe exactly what the customers are looking for. Using Google Ads Google Ads are an effective tool in advertising your products to specific audiences. You can place Ads in Google search results or in websites that run Google AdSense. It is highly targeted based on the optimization of the keywords used by the consumers. The search engines try to match your ad with customers interests using systems like Ad Rank. It is a cost-effective method that attracts more sales at a profitable margin Paid Advertisements These can be in the form of influencers who you can endorse your product and advertise your products on their social media platforms. Another option could be the use of mainstream media such as television, radio, and magazine adverts. These adverts serve the purpose of informing your customers about your store. Which way is for you These are ways to advertise your store. Remember that you are the one that has to choose the right way and fit strategy to your clients and budget. You must understand clients where and why they buy and use the best strategy for your business. Certain topics you learn in school have obvious practical applications. For example, you use language every day. It is easy to understand how a good grasp of grammar will help you succeed in interviews, writing and communicating with others. The practicality of other subjects may seem more obscure, though. If you ever sat in math class learning fractions and wondered when you would ever use that information in real life, here is your answer. Shopping You walk into your favorite store and see a huge banner from across the room. It’s your lucky day, because those shoes you have been eyeing are on sale for 25% off. How do you know how much you are saving, though? Without fractions, you are going into the sale blind. You may get up to the counter and be sorely disappointed at the total amount due. To make a decision that fits your  budget  and helps you avoid the embarrassment of having to return something you can’t afford to the shelves, you need to know how to multiply fractions. If you understand that 25% and 1/4 are the same number, you can easily calculate how much the shoes will cost. It may be harder to multiply by. 25 in your head than it is to multiply by 1/4 (that is, divide by 4). Fractions don’t just help you save money; they also help you figure out exactly how much you are saving. Cooking You decide to make your favorite recipe that your grandmother gave you for your significant other. As it is written, however, the recipe makes enough to feed your entire extended family and still have leftovers. As much as you enjoy the dish, you don’t want to have so much of it that you are eating it for a week. When you only need 1/3 of the amount the recipe makes,  multiplying fractions  is a skill that comes in handy. Understanding how to simplify fractions can also help when you’re doubling a recipe. If you want to bring twice as many cupcakes to a party than the recipe makes, you multiply the ingredients by two. It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? When 3/8 of a teaspoon becomes 6/8, however, you are less likely to lose count of the number of scoops you add to the batter if you know you can simplify that number to 3/4. Sharing You go out to eat with a group of friends. Four of you are single, and two people bring their significant others along, bringing your total party number to 8. When the bill comes, you decide to divide it evenly. It sounds like easy math until you discover that one of the couples is paying together, and the other couple is covering another person in honor of her birthday. There’s no need to panic if you understand fractions. The first couple pays 1/4 of the bill, the second couple pays 3/8 of the bill, and the remaining three people each pay 1/8 of the bill. Although it may not seem obvious when you’re sitting in math class, understanding fractions can be very useful. You may get a lot of opportunities to use fractions in your everyday life. Having a home office is not something everyone can boast about, but those who do have it know how amazing it is. Here you can focus on all your to-dos and handle different work obligations. If this is where you spend a lot of time, you should make it comfortable and easy on the eyes. If you already work here, why not enjoy it as much as possible? You should know about some ways you can decorate it and organize it to make it perfect. Let a lot of natural light in the room Instead of sterile lighting that looks rather cold and exhausting, why not let yourself enjoy the natural light while you are working? You will feel better. You can place a big window where your desk is and you will be able to see everything more clearly. Nothing is better than sunlight. It also provides you with some vitamin D, so it has more than one function. An office that is well-lit is also the one that is more productive and cheerful, and you will enjoy spending time here. How about thinking chic? Yes, the space should be functional, but why not also think about making it look fashionable? It should reflect your own personality, and this is where you should get inspired the most. A wall can be either black or any color that is dark, while furniture can be light-colored. Above your desk, you can put a chandelier that looks glamorous. It will feel so good adding a little glitz. Add plants and breathe some life into it Your office should be clean, practical and nice-looking for sure, but if you also add plants, it will definitely make it look rich and full of life, not to mention that it is healthy for you. Why not bring some nature into the space where you work? Maybe it helps you concentrate better and produce more quality things because the green might make you feel more cozy and relaxed. Clay planters sound like a good idea because they can perfectly add dimension to the room. Use nice artwork that speaks to you Some vibrant art can really energize the space, no matter if it comes in the form of a painting or a decorative sculpture. When you see something you like and choose it for your office, it can be motivating and all the work you have to do will feel less frustrating. Also, you can create your own artwork and place it how you like it. There are many inspiring images all over the internet, just have a few clicks and you will see. Find someone competent to handle the electrical work For all the electrical work you need done in your home office, you should know a capable Sydney electrician. Since you will need to install and maintain the wiring and make everything work well, choose someone you find competent enough, and do not try anything yourself. You will need your electrical system and equipment fixed and upgraded if you want your home office to feel cozy. Leave all this up to a professional, while you focus more on the design of the space. Your home office is a place that should inspire you and boost your creativity. That is the reason why it should look and feel as best as possible. Here you get down to business but a lot of your free time can be spent here, too. If you decorate it well and organize it how you like it, any kind of work will be even more enjoyable in this chamber. Typography is an age-old tradition, stretching back as far as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. For centuries, people have been expressing themselves with written words, and now many modern brands rely on them for gaining and retaining customers. Typography can become the first association that a consumer thinks of in relation to a brand, and in fashion, it is often printed inside of their garment, which conjures up an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. So, any changes that companies choose to make can alter a customer’s perception, and for this reason the psychology of typography is an important matter. Let’s find out more. Conveying the personality of your brand A lot can be captured through the style of your brand’s typography, and it can even be used to convey the personality of your company. Your copy should be captivating, but the visual aspects of any writing also need to stand out to a potential customer. Begin your typography psychology analysis with looking at the style of your font- Is it a classic serif style? These include Baskerville, Georgia and Times New Roman, this category is timeless and professional, finished with traditional decorative lines and they convey an air of respectability. The sans serif choices such as Helvetica, Arial and Verdana are more straight to the point, implying an air of modernity and stability. Artsy handwriting can look elegant and represent creativity, and to create this kind of image you’ll need a script font such as Lebster or Lucinda; but, it’s always important to keep it legible and consider it in relation to the message you want to get across. For example, a sports clothing website with joined up handwriting style typography wouldn’t look quite right, but perhaps fine dining eateries’ first port of call for menu printing wouldn’t be Comic Sans MS. If you want to go all-out 21 st century modern, choose Eurostyle, Politica or Futura, and show your audience why you are at the forefront of your industry with progressive typography. Your font will contribute to your overall typography aesthetic, and it should result in a well-rounded, on-brand appearance. Maintaining this is also important, as failure to keep order among your typography can make your customer feel disconnected from your brand, as cluttered, numerous fonts dilute your overall presence. The formatting of your typography can determine your success As Spanish fashion retailer Zara recently discovered, the formatting of your typography can make or break your success. The brand gave their classic logo a refresh, dramatically condensing the exaggerated sans letters and introducing a bolder, rounder finish. The makeover received a staunch response on social media, leaving many with a new-found sense of unfamiliarity towards the brand. The particular format was a style pioneered by Harper Bazaar in the 1990s, but one twitter user likened the new look to how they feel when ‘squeezing into their clothes’; showing how the change in typography provoked a customer response.  All achieved by some simple kerning. A similar event caused outcry, as Burberry unveiled a new logo back in 2018, an adaptation which at first glance appeared to ditch historic ties in favour of modern corporate simplicity. The reformat was a four-week project headed up by famed designer Peter Saville, which some people felt was reflected in the hasty, overly-simplistic design. The old format had been untouched for nearly two decades, and its new notions of minimalism brought the brand up to date. Key factors for formatting are spacing and size, as these are essentially going to dictate how ‘readable’ your typography is. Format can be reflective of character, and if there are any particular attributes that you want to associate with your brand, then implementing them into your formatting can be a great idea to help build your unique presence. Also, ensuring that you have enough whitespace is vital, as having too little can make your typography difficult to decipher. The formula for success is simply to strike a balance between these elements, while also staying true to your brand and all it encases. Colour creates the first impression of the product When it comes to colour, choosing the right one is key. There is an age-old understanding that customers enjoy red and yellow the most, as they depict both abruptness and warmth simultaneously. In fact, between 62%-90% of first impressions of a product are decided by the colours of the brand, showing just how much they can set the tone. Therefore, colours are an integral part of promoting successful customer journeys. Not only is colour an emotional trigger, it can also be the key for customers to be able to identify your product against others on the market. Some gendered trends have also appeared which could determine your brand’s palette, with men tending to prefer bold colours and women being drawn in by pastel hues. Of course, certain colours have specific associations. Blue is seen as a peaceful colour, and green is a lucky shade — so why not transform the fate of your typography with a splash of either? Black is notoriously corporate and classic, with other connotations including wisdom and masculinity. If you are considering adding a fill to your typography, then choose wisely and always keep in mind that it should not be a challenge for a user to read — there’s a time and a place to go for an all-out rainbow. So, if you are looking to mix things up a bit, don’t be too hasty. Your typography choices are rooted in many factors, from colour to font style. Find a combination of these which captures your brand name and message in a way which is true to purpose. Article provided by leading  menu printing company, Where The Trade Buys. Sources: The end of 2018 was a tough year for Bitcoin miners who got into the game on the wave of record-high 2017 prices. The all-time highs made getting into the Bitcoin mining business a smart decision, but as prices collapsed, many struggled after investing in rapidly expanding operations. Keep Reading Work can easily become our main focus in life. Although it is clearly important, it shouldn’t be everything, and if it becomes the only thing we think about, then it might be time to step back and reassess. Sometimes it becomes absolutely essential to take a break from work for other reasons, and as soon as you feel that you are no longer as productive or efficient as you once were, you might want to use up some vacation days. Here are some of the reasons to do this. Choosing the right software to fit your security ID card printing system can be a challenge – especially after you’ve already taken the time to pick out the perfect printer and accessories. In both situations, it’s always a good idea to get some help from security solutions experts who can provide everything you need to know about ID card printers and the software required to run them. In the meantime, if you want to get a basic overview of a few different criteria that might help you decide, then you’ve come to the right place! Mac Versus PC Before you even think about what you want to achieve with your security ID card printing software, you’ve got to be sure that the software package you purchase will be compatible with the computers you use at your place of work. While Windows computers are far more common for home users, Mackintosh computers are still preferred by professionals in many industries – so it makes sense that at least some security ID card printers are built for Mac users. If you’re a Mac user, then you probably already own one of the 5 Mac compatible ID card printer systems that are currently widely in use, which include the DTC1250e, the Fargo HDP5000, the Fargo DTC4500e, the EvolisZenius, and the Evolis Primacy ID card printing systems. In that case, you’ll need Mac compatible software to match, such as Secure ASP CardPresso ID card design software. Security and Design First and foremost, the security ID card software that you’ll use with your new printer should allow you to design and print the type of security cards that you need for your business. Since the printer takes care of most of the work regarding security features, your main concern should be that the designing tools are easy to use and are able to accommodate the types of cards used by your security ID card printer. A Range of Software Options No matter the brand, security ID card software tends to be offered in different editions depending on price range and how many features you’re interested in utilizing. At their most basic, these programs only offer minimal control over design and limited other capabilities. At their most advanced, security ID card software can come equipped with complicated professional-standard graphic design software and other useful features, such as unlimited record keeping, personnel database capabilities, security technology encoding, face-finding photo features, and more! Advanced Designing Features An employee with exceptional design skills will be able to put a basic software edition to its full potential in crafting surprisingly nuanced ID cards; however, usually it’s a better idea to match your software capabilities to the level of security ID card printer that you’ve purchased. If you haven’t purchased a security card ID printer yet, then you might also consider inquiring to your security solutions provider about whether they offer complete security systems, which can help make the entire process easier on the consumer. Finding the right design and employee management software to suit your security ID card printing system will depend on the needs of your company. If you’re looking for a good software package for starters, go with CardPresso, or better yet, contact your security ID card distributor for further advice! Making an impact with the visuals of your marketing piece, be it a pull up banner or a brochure, will determine the success of your campaign. Colour and design go hand in hand — and according to studies, each hueevokes a different emotion, which could beanything from urgency to trust. Considering some experiments imply that colour can dictate how long we are able to remember an offer, it’s clear knowing how to use in marketing is important. Want to learn more? If so, take a read through our marketing colour psychology guide for tips… Use colour in campaigns to communicate emotionally Colourhas long been linked to psychology, but more recently colour has been connected to industries such as marketing and interior design experiment commented on by Canberra-based, Content Group, found that 90% of snap decisions about products are based on colour only. Does your business target a more female or male dominated audience? If so, a study published in the Journal of Retailing found that malesthink that sales are greater in value when promoted in red rather than black. Conversely, fewer women believed the same. Also, purple was considered a second-favourite colour for female respondents in a colour study while it was the second- least favourite among males. Equally, women prefer softer hues, while stronger shades are the hue-of-choice for men. Colour psychology demonstrates that you can aim to generate a bigger a response if you use colour yellow to catch the eye of a passer by in your store window and red to signify discount prices — this is because, apparently, red evokes ‘urgency’ and indirectly encourages you to act fastand so, is good to boost a sale. Red and yellow are warm shades, and according to an experiment, warm colours are better at staying in a person’s mind than cool colours (such as blue). Could you use warm oranges, reds and yellows to keep your brand logo or newest promotional offer in the mind of someone driving by one of your billboard ads? Consider blending colours together as another useful tactic when it comes to your designing a new campaign. Another study found that opposingcoloursenhanced readability levels — vital if you want your pull-up bannersto remain readable from a greater distance than usual. A personal understanding of colour can be enhanced from experiences and culture according to Art Lovers Australia. Although this may be true and not all consumers will be affected in the same way, colour psychology has been researched multiple times and is worth bearing in mind to boost your future campaigns. Successful brands and colour Around nine out of ten shoppers claim a colour is a major reason for buying and that colour boosts the ability to recognise a brand by approximately 80%, states research compiled by Kissmetrics. Here are some examples of the successful brands andthe emotions associated with the colours they employ: Colour Effect Logo Yellow Hopefulness and warmth [yellow tail] and McDonalds Green Growth and relaxation Starbucks and Spotify Pink Romance and femininity Barbie and Very Purple Creativity and intelligence Cadbury and Hallmark Black Power and luxury Chanel and Adidas Orange Confidence and happiness Nickelodeon and Fanta Red Energy and excitement Coca Cola and Arnott’s Blue Trust and safekeeping Facebook and hp Starbucks provides a good example of a strategic approach, by choosing green and evoking relaxation in their coffee houses. And has Arnott’s got it right by evoking excitement to encourage its consumers to by its treats, like Tim Tam? Perhaps, and you could do the same. According to June Mcleod, author of Colour Psychology Today: “One of the greatest assets and one of the easiest ways to sway decision or attract an emotive response — or alienate a consumer — is through colour. ” Is colourresponsible for brand identification? Eight out of ten people believe a look at the colour red and the power Coca Cola has had with it, even changing the colour of Santa Claus! To help customers build familiarity with your brand, make sure your logo reflects what your offer and the persona you want to adopt. Inject some colour into your marketing strategy, it’s never too late Danish beer company, Carlsberg, rebranded itself perfectly. Opting to use mainly white in its Carlberg Export packaging and altering its once-green bottles to brown, Carlsberg enjoyed a sales increase of 10% in just 12 weeks. A few highlights to driving success with colour? Use red and yellow to grab attention. With only seven seconds to make a bold first impression, use opposing colours to boost clarity and readability. Think about if you sell to mainly men or women and remember the above research about different colourperceptions… Determine how you want to be recognised as a brand and tweak your campaigns accordingly —include orange to inject fun into your ads or use sleek black to infuse your promotions with an air of luxury. Hopefully you’re now convinced about the power of colour and ready to boost your marketing success today! Life is full of unexpected turns of events that you don’t always see coming. However, you’ve got to learn to manage them and keep can especially be the case in your place of employment. There are likely to be challenges that you’re going to encounter on a regular basis. It could be anything from not doing so well on a project to having to take unexpected time off because you aren’t feeling well. The good thing is that there is always a way to get back on track no matter what the setback is. See solutions for managing setbacks at work below. Keep Reading.

Besnilo bolest. It had "continuity errors" from beginning to end. And, IMO they didn't add to the appeal of the characters, satire, or plot. So, either they intentionally inserted them or a few people noticed but chose to keep quiet.
The movie did have a great pro-vegan message in the final quarter. br>
Some of the continuity errors:
After Rose awakes in hospital meeting her doctor, she requests to see her wounds. She reels in horror and Doctor calmly says "I would strongly suggest staying away from mirrors right now.
Much later, Brad and Rose go on lunch date which is awkward, then are suddenly attacked by rabid zombie who is hammered bloody by Brad.
A few scenes later, Brad sees Rose and asks what was troubling her at their lunch lunch not about the zombie that came at her through the
diner window.
Even later, Rose goes into an alley for a break and collapses. Two curious males come up her and she takes one of them out with her "appendage" which is seen by Brad. Rose is taken back indoors where she resuscitates. Brad asks her what she is doing up, not mentioning the 5ft snake writhing from her armpit.

Besnilo wiki. Seen several videos rabid squirrel and fox strange skyward head movement. Also read that rabid bats lose power of flight seen active daylight hours. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. 56% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 27 39% Audience Score User Ratings: 23 Rabid Ratings & Reviews Explanation Tickets & Showtimes The movie doesn't seem to be playing near you. Go back Enter your location to see showtimes near you. Rabid Videos Movie Info A "Plain-Jane" designer is having difficultly standing out in the world of high fashion among flawlessly beautiful models including her own roommate. Relegated to the role of seamstress for a world-renowned designer, Sarah wants nothing more than to be noticed for her own designs. When she witnesses the closeness of her model roommate with Brad, the photographer she has grown close to, Sarah rushes from a party feeling angry and hurt. A resulting traffic accident leaves her with significant scars on her face and body. Based on the referral from her apologetic roommate, Sarah meets with a renowned plastic surgeon that convinces her to undergo a highly experimental healing procedure that uses stems cells to speed up and improve healing. She recovers to find herself looking as beautiful as the models she works with. Sarah finds her confidence and sexual appetite is also increased leading to several torrid sexual encounters. Unbeknownst to her, Sarah sets off a spiraling contagion, as within 24 hours her lovers become rabid, violent spreaders of death and disease. As the disease mutates, it spreads through society at an accelerated rate causing an ever-increasing number of people to rampage through the streets in a violent and bloody killing spree. The now out of control disease draws the attention of the CDC and the nefarious plastic surgeon out to find the cure. The spreading violence around them impedes them from discovering the truth. Sarah is both the source of the disease and its time is running out. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Dec 13, 2019 limited On Disc/Streaming: Runtime: 108 minutes Studio: SHOUT! STUDIOS Cast News & Interviews for Rabid Critic Reviews for Rabid Audience Reviews for Rabid Rabid Quotes News & Features.

Besnilo borislav pekic. Besnilo slike. How is he now. Besnilo kod zivotinja. Everytime a new game comes out he is fr the only one i watch😂. Can anyone find the release of the night hunter movie? i know a version released in portugal in 2018 called nomis but i cant find anything on the movie that is more than just a review. Besnilo kod pasa.

Besnilo wikipedia na latinici. Worth a look update on the original without a repeat of the story ending is a let down still happy to have a copy in my collection. No sooner did Done-Nothing Amy pop up to 3 rd Place in New Hampshire,  – and her past comes racing to the fore to haunt her. Folks, – they’re ALL hypocrites.  Every damned one of them. Founded in 1857 (163 years ago) McClatchy Newspapers laid off 4% of their staff a year ago. Now, they’re filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Part of it is the Internet/Smart-Phone Age,  – people are getting their news delivered electronically, – and choosing from hundreds of sources;  – and part of it is a constant stream of left-wing stories and anti-Trump shit doesn’t sell anymore. See if your local rag is among their 30 papers: Read more » The left-wing media is always fishing for useful sound-bites,  and they’re always baiting Trump. They’re still underestimating his instincts,  – and his readiness to counter-punch with a well-rehearsed response. Once again the media asks a question they wish they hadn’t: Read more » Joe Biden has just bombed – twice this month, – in his THIRD Presidential Campaign.  Maybe he thought riding into the White House on Obama’s coattails in 2008 made him electable? The Lying White Squaw has been campaigning since 2013,  and didn’t even place?   Maybe those reliable Democrat voters – the suburban Soccer Moms,  have seen the future,  – and like the Trump Economy better for their kids? Read more » America,  you’re watching 1917 all over again…. Bernie promises FREE everything,  – and to disarm us. Yesterday Judge Sullivan delayed (again) the sentencing of General Mike Flynn,  – who recently withdrew his ‘guilty’ plea based on new revelations from the FBI and Justice Department. Judge Emmet Sullivan (Ronald Reagan – 84) knew from the beginning the Fed’s case was bogus; – he just never imagined HOW corrupt the government’s case was from the get-go. Worse,  Flynn’s first legal team ( Covington & Burling) bled him dry without ever challenging how the FBI conned Flynn into talking without council present. Over 11, 700 people – with thousands more outside unable to get in.  More than attended ALL of the various Socialist and Democrat rallies statewide – combined! Tomorrow the former Democrat Party will continue their self-destruction (the NH Primary),  – cheered on by the left-wing media. Read more » A ‘College Education’ is NOT a ‘right’ for young Americans.  It is a privilege that must be EARNED,  – either by their parents,  or by themselves, – through work, savings,  – and maybe in a rare few cases – through sheer luck.  It must involve proven academic excellence and noteworthy deportment in high school. A college degree IS NOT something that American Taxpayers should ever subsidize!  And certainly NOT for entitlement-minded lackluster performers. Read more » How sick,  – how warped,   – is the twisted mind of Joe Biden? He gets asked a question by a college student in Hampton, NH,  – and triggered,  – angrily calls her this? Anybody want to give Joe our Nuclear Codes? Read more ».

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